Date: July 2021

I was asked to illustrate two portraits of Canadian women who works in the STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) for the book called "Our Stories" and I picked Chloe Ma and Sara Iversion (biography below).


Chloe Ma


Chloe Ma: A medical illustration student. She is a young immigrant from China who studied biomedical science, later studying medical illustration. Combining science and art is a huge passion for her, creating beautiful photos of the human body, germs, cells, and more. 



Sara Iverson: An accomplished marine biologist. She's currently a lecturer, but her work involves studying marine animals like sharks, seals, and polar bears. She's spent time in the oceans and in the Arctic. She was also one of the few global Women in STEM chosen by Barbie Inc. in a contest where a young girl is selected and goes out to learn from a professional woman in STEM.



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